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Enchant until you rage quit.

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How To Connect?

1. Download Lineage 2 Interlude client including our patch

Make sure you run the updater and download latest updates to see all the latest changes.

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Or you can download our updater only. But we recommend to download full client first.

Antibot + anti Interface changes
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2. Get our latest changes

Run game throught L2EpicFailUpdater.exe and download latest changes

3. Register game account

This account will be used for your log in in the Account Panel as well.

Create new account

4. That's It

Log in with your created account and enjoy the game!

Vote For Us

We are registered on these portals ⬇️ but you have to vote in game via .vote. Thank you for your understanding.

After you voted on all portals, type .getreward in game and get your rewards.

Vote Rune + Vote Coins + Epic Coins

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